Asset Management

Experience and security: what makes us different

Our Aiva Asset Management service provides solid experience that covers every need regarding financial advice and account management. Among the extensive range of investment strategies that we specialize in, the following stand out:

  • Fund Management Services
  • Discretionary Asset Management
  • Advisory Service
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Dealing Support

To achieve complete satisfaction, we have a solid team of economists, professionals and specialists with a proven track record and an average of 15 years of experience in the financial sector.

 Our investment process

Aiva Asset Management conducts an investment process that is entirely directed towards achieving the financial goals of each investor, with a consistent track record of performance over the years.

 A proven and consistent investment process dedicated to driving growth.

1. The Investments Committee conducts an analysis considering the medium to long term macroeconomic fundamentals, analyzing the different indicators and historical data to come up with projections for the different asset classes.

World Economic Outlook / Economic Indicators / Long Term Fundamentals / International Monetary Fund

World Bank / Global Commercial Banks / Statistics Offices of each country

2. Based on the macro analysis and specific risk profiles, the Investments Committee comes up with the strategic asset allocation among the main asset classes, selecting the best instruments for each category. The long term strategic vision is complemented by shorter term tactical allocations.

  • Asset Allocation
  • Tactical Allocation

3. Strategy monitoring and its corresponding updates are critical elements in order to reach financial objectives. This is how we try to obtain good risk – return indicators, always relative to markets.

  • Monthly Conference
  • Monthly Factsheets
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

This investment process is supported by the endorsement of our Investment Committee, whose comprehensive vision, strengthened by more than 15 financial experts from Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, guarantees the quality of our financial recommendations.

This committee uses fundamental analysis as the basis for its strategies, considering both the “Top-down” and “Bottom-up” approaches. Regarding the Bottom-up analysis, we consider the research carried out by the main fund houses with which we have strategic alliances, since they have an in-depth knowledge of the companies they are invested in.

In order to achieve the different goals, we base our proposition on three fundamental pillars:

  • An adequate qualitative / quantitative analysis
  • Strict control of risks
  • Alignment with investor risk profiles

Reliable investment solutions

Providing financial security and a high level of excellence is our priority. Therefore, all our investment solutions are backed by top-tier tools such as Bloomberg and Morningstar, which guarantee the quality of our analysis and recommendations. Among our investment solutions, the Golden Hind funds are one of the most interesting alternatives.

The Golden Hind range of funds, whose Luxembourg based Sicav has different risk profile alternatives depending on each client’s profile, has custody at Bank of New York, daily valuation, Deloitte audit and is UCITS compliant.

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