Aiva and Houston Methodist, an alliance in pursuit of service excellence

Aiva, a leading Wealth Management Solutions company on wealth creation and protection in Latin America, gives a further step in its “forward thinking” by signing a strategic collaboration agreement with Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States.

This agreement has the aim of providing first class advice to Latin American patients, either through guiding their acceptance process for treatment on said medical institution, or by providing relevant knowledge for both individuals and corporations in the region.

This Alliance will enable the subscribers of the knowledge platform generated by Aiva Health Solutions free access to newsletters related to medical issues, including a selection of relevant medical and investigation abstracts produced by the team of specialists at Houston Methodist. It will be prevention oriented and have references to cutting-edge technology on several issues related to the main concerns of users in Latin America. The content of this information platform, designed to serve our users, is created by a team of renowned health and medical experts on different areas such as oncology, heart and neurological conditions, among others.

Branded solutions

With a whole department focused exclusively on catering to the needs of the international patient, our clients will have access to the best medical attention through professionals and procedures of the highest quality provided by Houston Methodist and its six centers of excellence:

• Cancer
• DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center
• Digestive disorders
• Neuroscience
• Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
• Trasplant

In the framework of this strategic agreement, Aiva Health Solutions is proud to announce the implementation of a new liaison office with the hospital for the Southern Cone.

Verónica Dalíes, Director of Strategic Initiatives de Aiva, spoke about the need for this valuable service: “Aiva Health Solutions shortens the information gap by addressing the concerns, fears and doubts that individuals, employees and employers have with regards to health and the financial impact that the lack of this type of solutions might have over their wealth”.

Cathy Easter, CEO of Houston Methodist Global, said: “We are very proud of partnering with an innovative company like Aiva, where the value proposition has providing service excellence for their clients as a main pillar. Similarly, Houston Methodist places its patients at the heart of everything we do. Not only to provide them with the best medical attention and technology available worldwide today, but also to ensure that the patients and their families receive the most positive experience that can be provided in a hospital environment”.